Enrichment Highlights

Enrichment Highlights Brings Increased Catalog Usage to Mount Laurel Library

Recently, ProQuest released Enrichment Highlights a new Syndetics Unbound functionality that improves a library’s search results page by adding key enrichment elements to them. Mount Laurel Library was an early adopter of this free update and has seen an increase in their collection usage as a result of it. “We added the Enrichment Highlights functionality to our catalog last December. Now the Syndetics Unbound content appears in the search results list making it much more visible to our patrons and staff.

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Include Syndetics Unbound on your search results pages

Want to increase usage of Syndetics Unbound? Increase its visibility! Many users don’t click beyond the search results page to view the detail record in your catalog. To that end, we’ve added an abbreviated version of Syndetics Unbound that launches small lightboxes for each element, directly from your search results page. We’ve seen usage statistics rise dramatically when libraries enable Syndetics Unbound on search results pages, so give it a try!

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