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The Experts Behind Syndetics

Rob Biter
Rob Biter

Vice President, Partners and Operations

Did you know that Rob...

  • Is 600 pages away from finishing Finnegans Wake.
  • Always gets the high score in golf.
  • Lives in the lower 48, but north of Canada.
Doug McMillan
Doug McMillan

VP Strategic Partners & Spec Channels

Did you know that Doug...

  • Once a year, takes a week and walks across parts of England.
  • Ran a wine shop in England.
Abby Blachly
Abby Blachly

Head Librarian, LibraryThing

Did you know that Abby...

  • Used to work as a librarian for a biotech company.
  • Learned how to pick locks, to see if she could (she can).
  • Is fluent in American Sign Language.
Tim Spalding
Tim Spalding

Founder, LibraryThing

Did you know that Tim...

  • Writes short books in Latin for his son.
  • His wife is the (Harper Collins) novelist Lisa Carey.
  • Wrote book cataloging programs for the Apple II and Mac Hypercard long before LibraryThing.