Syndetics Unbound for Academic Libraries

Help users to engage, explore, and discover more in your library with Syndetics Unbound.

Provide students and faculty with a comprehensive research experience, leading them to titles that they otherwise wouldn't have found.


About the Author


Syndetics Unbound includes more than 16 elements, with options like Summary and About the Author, to provide in-depth details on all your collection's titles.

No more confusing options and packages — all of the enrichment elements are included with your subscription. It's easy to turn elements on and off, and configure them to tailor a Syndetics Unbound experience for your users.

You May Also Like


Syndetics Unbound encourages research and discovery among users, to further engage and connect them with the myriad of resources available in your collection.

Elements such as You May Also Like will ensure that your users have continuous recommendations to feed their research experience.

Tags allow for a new exploration interface that combines and filters, to focus on genres, subjects, and other categories that users need and want. Browse Shelf gives users an opportunity to see other titles that may be applicable to their research in your library.

Resources for College Libraries


Syndetics Unbound comes with elements unique to academic libraries, including Resources for College Libraries Core Titles and Altmetrics.

With elements such as these, students and faculty are getting enriched content tailored to their research subject.

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Customer Testimonials

"After moving the majority of the Library's physical collection to an off-site storage facility, we wanted to fill the void of browsing the physical stacks with a virtual browsing solution. Syndetics Unbound does just that by providing our users a serendipitous stack browsing experience within our discovery tool. In addition to the "browse shelf" feature, Syndetics Unbound also offers "you may also like" recommendations, reviews and tagging resulting in an engaging, modern and convenient browsing experience."

"Recommendations on similar books are really important if I’m browsing for a novel or doing research on books in a specific topic."

"I think the Browse Shelf option is very valuable and makes the experience similar to being in the library. I normally try skimming to related books a lot so this I guess will be a valuable experience to other graduate and undergraduate students as well."

Syndetics Unbound at Georgia Tech