Noel Smart

Loud and Proud: How Academic and Public Libraries Are Working to Amplify LGBTQ+ Voices

One-third of books banned from U.S. school libraries tell LGBTQ+ stories. Now, libraries on college campuses and in communities face an increased responsibility to make queer stories accessible. For many in the U.S., Pride Month in June is a time to commemorate and celebrate the advancements of the LGBTQ+ community. But some believe recent concerted efforts to ban LGBTQ+ literature in schools across America pose a threat to strides previous generations of LGBTQ+ people have made toward achieving total acceptance.

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Banned and challenged books in US schools (and what librarians can do about it)

The number of banned and challenged books in schools is increasing. Here’s what librarians can do about it. School libraries have provided a safe space for learning about diverse cultures and lifestyles for generations. They’ve been that special place where kids could get extra help on an assignment or take a walk in someone else’s shoes by simply picking up a book. However, the range of perspectives available in school libraries is under threat, as parental concerns regarding content available to their children is backed by changes in U.

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