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Frequently Asked Questions

Syndetics Unbound is a new online catalog enrichment solution that combines everything you love about Syndetic Solutions and LibraryThing for Libraries, enabling you to easily embed rich information, as well as interactive guided discover directly within your existing catalog. With Syndetics Unbound, you can provide patrons with an engaging, modern and convenient browsing experience that included the most expansive coverage of global books and media.

We will continue to offer Syndetics if you choose not to upgrade.

Syndetics Unbound works with all major ILS, catalog, and discovery systems.

Syndetics Unbound is affordable. To approach the level of readers' advisory support and catalog enrichment offered by Syndetics Unbound, you would need multiple packages from other vendors. With Syndetics Unbound, it’s all included in one subscription. Contact us for complete pricing information.

LibraryThing for Libraries builds off the personal- and social-cataloging site, LibraryThing. Since 2005 LibraryThing members have added over 145 million books and 160 million tags.

Syndetics Unbound needs to know your holdings so we can recommend and link to items we know you have in your catalog. You can either upload your holdings using our web interface, or via FTP. If you choose FTP, you'll have the ability to load and send holdings files to Syndetics Unbound using your FTP client, automating the process and making it even easier.

The tags in Syndetics Unbound come from LibraryThing, where a community of booklovers tag books with keywords, genres, and other notes. The tags you see in Syndetics Unbound have been approved for usefulness and appropriateness by LibraryThing librarians.

Reader reviews come from members of LibraryThing, and are all vetted before inclusion. All reviews that come from other libraries are moderated by librarians at the home library.

Syndetics Unbound is built with a responsive design that will work on mobile devices. However your OPAC or discovery service must also be mobile responsive in order to provide an optimal experience for your patrons on phones or tablets.

The upgrade process is simple and straightforward and is usually completed in about an hour. Contact us to learn how to get started.

Syndetics Unbound has cover images, summaries and track listings (for CDs only) for almost one million video and music titles. Since there is no standard identifier for Blue Ray, DVD, VHS and CD's like there is for books, Syndetics collects the data that is available from our content partners including UPC, OCLC number, and when available, ISBN. If you have any of these identifiers in your MARC records, they will link to Syndetics Unbound content.

For the most part, the images begin with titles published in the early 1980's. In situations where the original artwork is missing an attractive cover is automatically generated, including title, author and media, making it possible to have a clean and consistent user experience.

  • Library Journal — coverage beginning with 1985
  • School Library Journal — coverage beginning with 1985
  • Publishers Weekly — coverage beginning with 1985
  • Criticas — coverage beginning with 1999
  • Booklist — coverage beginning with 1988
  • Choice — coverage beginning with 1988
  • Horn Book — coverage beginning with 1985
  • Kirkus Reviews — coverage beginning with 1983
  • New York Times — coverage begins with 2007
  • Doody’s Reviews — coverage beginning with 1993
  • Quill and Quire — coverage beginning with 1996
  • Voya (Voice of Youth Advocates) — coverage beginning with 1993

Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, School Library Journal, and Criticas reviews appear by publication date. Horn Book reviews appear at the end of the week of publication. Choice and Booklist reviews appear 30 days after the publication date. Kirkus reviews appear 60 days after the publication date.

Yes, libraries may use Syndetics Unbound covers on their website.

If you can add a snippet of HTML to your OPAC, you should be able to use Syndetics Unbound. Contact us for instructions!

Syndetics Unbound enrichments can be used in the search results on some catalog systems. Contact us if you'd like your system included.

Syndetics Unbound uses the ISBN, title, author, and sometimes other bibliographic data (e.g. call numbers) found on the record to determine the work the catalog page represents, so we can show the relevant enrichment.

Syndetics Unbound also collects timing and browser dimensions to help us provide usage statistics for the library and show the product in the format appropriate for the user's screen. All statistical data is stored anonymously.

All queries use secure (SSL/HTTPS) requests.

Syndetics Unbound does not request the user's search query or search history. We have no access to any patron information (e.g., names, checkouts, etc.). As is standard on the web, requests, such as requests for covers, are sent with their "referrer," which can include the search string. We do not parse, use or store these.

Yes! Syndetics Unbound is made to work well with consortial catalogs. Many consortia use Syndetics Unbound in their shared catalog, sharing one set of holdings data. This means that when looking at "You May Also Like" recommendations (or series, or any enrichment element that suggests other books) you will see titles held by libraries across the entire consortial group. If your consortia would prefer each library in the group to limit the data shown in Syndetics Unbound to only their institution, that is also possible.

Contact us today and one of our representatives will be happy to help!

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